You may have heard comments during the 2016 Masters about uncontrollable hand tremors being the cause of the problems Ernie Els had on day 1. This is an incorrect, incomplete and over simplified assessment of his issue and probably yours if you have the yips, let me explain…

First, there is a huge difference between individuals who have hands that shake or tremor all the time and individuals that have their hands shake, tremor or spasm when putting.

So, unless you have constant shaking or tremors in your hands and I mean ALL the time. Your yips are NOT being caused by some mysterious, uncontrollable or unexplainable hand tremors.

And anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know enough about the yips and how our brains work!

Ernie Els himself admitted in an interview directly after the round that he could walk over to the practice green and make many 3 footers in a row without any problem. So, in effect, in a non-pressure situation his hands work perfectly well.

Anyone that has or has had the yips knows the awful feelings they experience when they twitch, spasm, tremor or yip a putt. And it’s easy to believe this spasm or tremor that occurs—making the ball stray offline or travel the incorrect distance—is the problem!

But it’s not! The spasm or tremor is simply the end result that is caused by a number of problems that have occurred long before you (or Ernie) actually stand over that pressure putt!!

And the yips don’t discriminate between the world’s greatest players or average players (see left Menu Header – Famous Golfers and the Yips). Once you understand them as I do, you will understand they are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, they can and do happen to all golfers, but with the right training, they are curable!

So hold your hands up in front of you right now with your palms parallel to the ground and look at them.

Are your hands shaking or not?

If they are shaking then you have other concerns that you should probably see a doctor to resolve.

If your hands aren’t shaking then these tremors or yips you get when you putt are caused by deeper problems that you need to address in order to eliminate them.

But if you use these tremors as your excuse to explain your putting problems you are avoiding an opportunity to address the real problems and causes of your yips.

If you adopt this mindset or approach to your problem, you will never resolve your yips.

I know we all want a simple, straightforward and quick solution to the yips.

But it’s just not possible when you have a serious case of the yips.

The yips are a complex problem and the solution requires a comprehensive training program to address all the issues causing the yips and enough time for these solutions to take effect.

That’s why this program works. You get the correct training and time you need to cure your yips!

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