Here are some frequently asked questions about the yips.


Who gets the yips?

  • Recent studies show that up to 48% of experienced golfers suffer from some forms of the yips.
  • High achievers, ultra-competitive golfers, perfectionists and longtime players are particularly susceptible.


Why is this?

  • Because avid golfers and individuals with these traits generally try harder or work more when presented with a challenge or an obstacle that’s difficult to overcome.


Why won’t trying harder work?

  • Because trying to consciously force athletic actions is not as effective as specific training to allow subconscious mastery of athletic action.
  • You cannot overcome this; it’s the way our brains are wired.


Why can’t I just work at perfecting my stroke?

  • Because nobody’s perfect so stop trying to be!
  • Some of the greatest players of all time have already tried this method with poor results.
  • Conscious force may result in some short term success. You may have already experienced this, but it won’t last.


Why can’t I train my way out of the yips?

  • Because technical flaws are not the sole factor in causing the putting yips.
  • So any training that involves only physical drills designed to improve technique, changing to a new putter, putting grip or putting style—CANNOT and WILL NOT have LONG TERM SUCCESS.


If it’s not all technical flaws then it’s mental and how do I deal with that?

  • Sports psychologists have developed many outstanding peak performance programs that focus primarily on mental training. But because your conscious brain acts as a filter you cannot fool yourself into being confident by talking or thinking alone. Especially, when your mind continues to see you perform poorly.
  • That’s why you need a comprehensive plan, and not just another tip.


What makes this program different than all the other yips solutions?

  • Because it’s revolutionary in it’s approach to the problem.
  • It offers a multifaceted solution that attacks the issue from every angle.
  • Every aspect of the training is very specific to addressing the problems that cause the yips.
  • And it gives you the time you need to succeed.


Will I have to do visualization training, because I don’t think I can do it?

  • You already are—you just may not realize it.
  • It’s really about changing your mental images so that they are productive rather than destructive to your performance.


Visualization training just seems like a waste of time, do I really need it?

  • Absolutely, you won’t fix the yips without it.
  • Plus if the greatest players do it why wouldn’t you?
  • It gives you the best chance to reach your own potential.


60 days seems like a long time, why is the program so long?

  • It takes time to break down your current established habits and beliefs and then rebuild and embed new habits and beliefs.
  • Curing the yips WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT.


I’ll do just about anything to fix my yips, how do I know this program will work?

  • Because nothing you’ve tried to date, will be as comprehensive in addressing all aspects of the issue so that you fully understand why you’ve got the yips.
  • Nothing you’ve tried to date will provide as detailed physical and mental training regime to resolve them.
  • And nothing you’ve tried to date has provided the time you need to rebuild your confidence.


Is it as easy and straightforward as it sounds?

  • I never said it was easy, just that it works.
  • You’re going have to put in the time and effort.
  • You will have plenty of set-backs and you need to be prepared for these set-backs.
  • But CURING YOUR YIPS will be well worth the sacrifice.


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