The questions asked most often by golfers that suffer from the putting yips are the following:

  • Are they caused by technical flaws in the stroke?
  • Are they the results of some psychological issues?
  • Once you have them why are they so hard to get rid of when the stroke is so simple?



Simply stated they are:

  • An involuntary spasm in your hands as the putter approaches and makes impact with the golf ball. This causes the ball to stray off the intended line of play or travel the incorrect distance.


I believe the main cause of the putting yips is:

  • A golfer’s loss of confidence and belief in their putting ability.

Sounds simple enough, but what causes this loss of confidence and belief?

  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Ongoing self-criticism of poor and perceived poor results.
  • Too much negative self-talk and thoughts.
  • This compounding negative feedback then erodes confidence and changes beliefs.
  • Normal brain messaging systems are interrupted or stopped.
  • Anxiety, tension and fear take hold.
  • And eventually the golfer no longer believes he can effectively execute the desired task and the stroke breaks down.

The yips are not exclusive to golf. It is quite common for pool players, archers, baseball players, musicians, writers, actors, etc. to have them as well. They use different names but essentially they are the yips.

What adds to the frustration of the golfer is the apparent simplicity of the task and the fact that they used to be a good putter. Despite all logic pointing to why they should still be able to easily perform this simple function—they CANNOT! And, as a result they become even more critical.

If you don’t understand how your brain works you will not be able to undertake the process to restore it’s automatic systems to send and receive information. And if you don’t address and correct this critical component you will never cure your yips!

This program offers a 60 day, golf specific technical and mental training program to Cure The Yips permanently! It addresses all aspects of the problem and gives you the training and the time you need to SUCCEED!



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