This program is designed for discerning clients interested in one-on-one coaching. This program also includes 100% anonymity.


Individual Coaching Program outline.
  • 2 – Telephone coaching sessions each week (1 hour per session).
  • 3 – Full day visits (end of week 1, end of week 4 and end of week 8).


The full day visits include 8 hour sessions (can also occur over two consecutive days of 4 hour sessions).

This individual coaching program is designed to keep you focused throughout the duration of the program. It also ensures you are fully engaged in all aspects of the program in order to maximize your results from the program.

It will also include making, editing and customizing all the visualization exercises specifically to you.


Cost of Individual Coaching Program – $10,000 plus travel expenses.


For those interested in more details please provide the following information in an email and send it to Cure the Yips administration at

Name, email, telephone number.

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